Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What did you do?

That's's Ross' company that did the 3-D imagery of the damage to the tiles on the belly of the orbiter, Endeavour. Check out the video! Now we're just waiting to find out about the repair plans...

And you got it...the computer that you may have briefly heard about failing is the main computer on the station, which my group is responsible for monitoring. Fortunately the station was designed with backup computers for this very reason, so even though it failed while the crew was performing a space walk, another computer took over without much ado. It gave me and my team plenty to do though.

Here's a picture of me and our team lead for the flight, Al, during our shift handover. The second pic is of a new member of our group and a fellow LA Tech bulldog, Stephen. He did a little on-the-job training during my shift.

E and Al during HandoverE and Stephen at ODIN Console

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